Naturist Beach

What do you guys have on your bucket list?

I have plenty on mine. Most of them are well out of my reach both financially and physically. One has always been to sit naked on a public beach. Silly I know.

I’ve always had an issue with body image. I’m not muscular. I’m a shower not a grower and as a particularly hirsute teen over six foot and skinny as a rake I never felt comfortable in my own skin.

Over the years I’ve come to accept many things. I’ll never have a muscle bound beach-body. And I’ll always be who I am. What I can change is my perception of myself.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. I do not like myself. Never have. I’ve always struggled with depression and self loathing and now I’m coming up 50 I want that to change.

One of the things on my bucket list has always been to be able to push myself out of my comfort zone and just sit, naked on a beach without a care in the world.

I can’t do no cares. Not at my age. And there are too many bad things going on in my life for that to ever happen. Naked I can do.

My other half has body image issues too but she won’t join me, which is a massive shame. I think she’d have been ok today.

It’s an overcast day here at Budliegh Salterton Naturist Beach but it’s not too cold. Around 18°C. Just warm enough to not have my cock completely disappear inside my body.

I had been expecting to feel completely self conscious about removing my clothes but sitting here feels so natural I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago. One thing that helps is that the beach is largely deserted, being a Monday. It’s also all men here today (I’ve always feared not being able to keep junior under control – if you get my drift). And -no one is pointing and staring. I could get used to this.

In short, a thoroughly positive experience. I’ll definitely be doing this again. Walking naked along the beach is fucking liberating!!!

4 thoughts on “Naturist Beach

    1. Sadly the beach was mostly deserted and I didn’t really get the chance to interact with other beach users. British people are so reserved about speaking to others that were almost emotionally stunted. We generally won’t talk to the person next to us on the train -let alone naked on a beach. However, one older man did speak to me to ask if I had seen a weather report. He made me feel very welcome and at easy. It was a shame that I had run out of time as I would have loved to continue our discussion.
      It’s also unfortunate that when you two were at lulworth cove a while back, that our paths didn’t cross. We were there a few weeks prior.


  1. I’m really pleased that you did this, and that you enjoyed it once you’d got your head in the right space. Good for you! It’s also on my bucket list, though I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to follow up on this particular dream. As someone also battling body image issues, I take my hat off to you for striding forth in the altogether on this beach. You’re very brave, walking around naked where rocks are known to fall, lol.

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