Humiliation, Agony and Rolling Stones – Part 2

It’s been three years since I wrote the first part of this entry. Almost three years to the day that I discovered that once again I had kidney stones. This is my 8th time around and it’s beginning to get old. The tell tale pain in my side coupled with a pain in my nuts …

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I've lived with depression all my life on and off. The last few years have been the worst and it's led me to make some dubious decisions and it's cost me dearly. Promotions, happiness. And now it seems my marriage. I sit here looking out at the wildlife, pondering how I could have done things …

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Memories from the Museum.

Today I find myself being reminded of a very happy memory. A first time in fact.

I'm still in the post-Eroticon blues period today, but anticipating this, I'd booked the two days after as time off to recover. My significant other had an appointment in Central London today, and she asked me to take the tube journey in with her as we'd not seen much of each other for a few days. This left me with a few hours to kill. What's a bored boy to do? I could get right back on the tube and spend a few hours at my keyboard... or I could spend it as a tourist. I'm a Londoner (I live about as far out as possible but still in a London borough. That counts right?) As a Londoner, I rarely take the time to look around, really look around at the glorious architecture around me. Or visit any of the wonderful, free museums on offer.