Questions, Questions. How do Aliens Fuck?


During my convalescence, I’ve been wading through some of my DVD collections. Those that know me will know that one of my passions is old time TV shows and being a child of the 70’s, I love 80’s Syfy. Knight Rider, Airwolf, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Wilma Deering – HUBBA HUBBA!
For today’s visual delights. I watched an episode of Buck and Wilma from 1981. Season 2 Episode 2 – Journey to Oasis. This episode has Mark Lenard or Star Trek, Serek fame playing Ambassador Duvoe from the planet Zykaria. As usual, he’s hamming it up. That’s part of the appeal of these shows.

This episode has Buck, Wilma and Hawk escorting Ambassador Duvoe to an important peace conference. Queue threat to universal peace and well-being should the Ambassador not arrive. Of course, their shuttle crash lands and they have to walk. Predictable.

The plot twist here is that the alien race that Duvoe belongs to have a symbiotic relationship – with themselves. The head and body are separate entities. The head itself is completely powerless without the body.

Being of a perverted deviant mind, this brought up some serious questions about Zykarian life and their sexuality. Enquiring minds want to know these things and the writer in me wants to fill in the gaps.

Firstly, are the body and head a matched set? Or can they swap when the mood takes them? Begs the question, wouldn’t it make a weekend gender change as easy as asking a buddy nicely. If that was a possibility, would it still be an exciting prospect? Would the aristocracy abuse that power? Would the rich women pay for another head to take their monthly burden? What happens when your body starts to wear out? Could you just ‘acquire’ a new one?

What if your head was hetero, but your body prefers a same-sex arrangement? Talk about being confused. It would certainly make masturbation interesting. Would you even need to if you could take off your head and give yourself oral? Would the head even feel the orgasm if it wasn’t connected to the body? I’m going to assume that the body’s going to have an animalistic base intelligence. What’s to stop the body from using the head for constant self-satisfaction? All the head can do is suck and bite. The body would have to do all the hard work. It brings entirely new meaning to phrases like “Go fuck yourself!” You actually could.

Fucking your significant other has new possibilities as well. As humans, we have limited positions available. Being able to detach your head would allow you to both fuck your partner in the ass whilst simultaneously giving them oral gratification. Snogging and doggie wouldn’t require any awkward reach around. Bodies could shag each other senseless whilst the heads could watch voyeuristically. Or if the heads are just bored, they could hold important debates. The possibilities are endless!

So don’t just sit there watching, mouth open and drooling! Think!

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