We all crossdress, don’t we?

So I got to thinking. How many of us could actually be classed as cross dressers?

For women it’s easy. A woman wears her husband or boyfriend’s shirt, tied at the waist and it’s cute, it’s sexy and it’s alluring, bringing back memories of previous intimacies. A woman can wear men’s shorts, a mans t-shirt, a mans hat. All are perfectly acceptable. All look the norm. Hell, boy shorts are even a thing in lingerie. So why is it a big deal for the shoe to be on the other foot? Is it less manly? Who gives a damn?

Technically I suppose I could be classed as a cross dresser. Why? Because the only underwear that I find comfortable are women’s basic high leg panties. Do I wear them for kicks? No. Well maybe sometimes. The simple fact is that they were all that I could find that fitted at a reasonable price.

I’m an odd body shape. I’m just over six foot three inches but I don’t have the long legs to match. My inside leg is a thirty inches – but I have a long body. This makes jeans too tight in the crotch, shirts too short in length and worse, underpants just plain don’t fit right.

I had previously found a men’s brand that fitted well. Sloggi’s. Sloggi still make men’s underwear but at £22 for two pairs, the cost is becoming prohibitive for this cheapskate dad. Not only that, none of my local retailers stock Sloggi for men, meaning that I have to order online. I hate ordering clothing online. I like to see what I’m getting. I like to hold it in my hands.

So I spent a couple of years trying various different brands, sometimes even buying big named ones. None of them came close and my last few pairs of good fitting ones had only a short time left. I had to find a solution or spend a small fortune. Every new pair I tried just frustrated. Too tight here, not keeping me in place there. Worse still was the numbness in places that shouldn’t be numb. Things were getting desperate. Until one day I ran out altogether.

What’s a guy to do? I could go commando, I certainly didn’t have an issue with that but it’s just not what I wanted. I went to the tumble dryer hoping to find something and in the end, I just grabbed the first black pair I could find. My wifes boring old Marks and Spencers high leg, cotton modals. My saviour! Within seconds, I had found what I had been seeking for for so long. A pair of underpants so comfortable that I would never go back.

All my uncomfortable (worn just the once) underpants are long gone. Consigned to the textile recycling bank. Nothing but M&S high leg cotton modal size 18 for me. Black of course. I’m not a weirdo.

But do I consider myself a cross dresser? Not really. Will I move on to wearing a dress? More to the point, do I give a shit. To wearing a dress. Maybe for a bet or a fancy dress party – but only if I like the colour. To the last point, no. I don’t give a shit. I’m in my mid-forties and life is too god damned short. Do I care who knows? Nope.

To all the men out there. Try it. Put on a pair of your wife’s boring old big knickers. You won’t go back.

© Copywrite Alun Norley. All rights reserved.

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